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Crew Management

Marine Solutionz crew management services are handled by a well-trained and experienced team who believes that seafarers are the backbone of the shipping industry.

With a wide network of maritime contacts, we excel as the trusted crew manager provider for our principals.

We help to strengthen our ship crew management services using a cloud-based platform for all databases which enables complete transparency and ease of day-to-day crewing needs with owners.

We understand that each Ship Owner / Manager has his vision and closely work with them to understand it.

We as the best crew management company in India cater to this diverse requirement by planning and implementing procedures to work as a team to achieve those goals.

Budgets are customized to suit owner's/managers' requirements to provide them with the most competitive crewing services.

Our ship crew team is always working towards adding more value to Customer Assets.

Crew Management Services:

What Makes us the Best Ship Crew Management Company in India?

1. We hire only the best talent

We are a ship crew provider in India, Worldwide that aims to make our talent pool of highly skilled seamen available to businesses across the world.

We focus on attracting, recruiting, and training only the best professional seafarers.

Our crew management agency makes sure that they are equipped with the know-how and experience so that vessel operations can be conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

We are always ready with a list of experienced and qualified crewmen who are ready to handle any type of vessel.

2. We maintain excellent relationships with ship owners

We are known for building a strong network of connections with ship owners over the years.

Our crew management agency ensures that we always update the seafarer records and revise the information regarding ship names and owners.

The crew members at our company also have excellent knowledge regarding the marine laws of each country.

 They keep in mind to respect and follow the policies of ship owners and companies.

All of these practices have helped our crewing services to stay on top of the preference list for companies across the globe.

3. We are a qualified and reputed ship crew management agency

Marine Solutionz is a top shipping company that has long-standing relationships with customers in different parts of the world.

We maintain an incredible record of international presence by extending our services to countries like Philippines, Singapore, Dubai, Egypt, Bangladesh, Morocco, and Ukraine.

The connections and agents in other industries and locations that we have spoken volumes about our reputation as one of the best crew management companies.

We are also registered with Seamen’s employment office, and are DG approved.

Marine Solutionz is a leading Ship Management & Crewing Company that provides a professional full tailor-made package that exactly meets your crew Management requirements. For more info mail us today at !.