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Technical Management

Marine Solutionz technical management team is led by a team of highly experienced and dedicated marine professionals.

Our ship technical management services comprise master mariners, and chief engineers and are supported by electrical engineers and a strong purchase department. We use the latest technology and resources to prioritize the safety of seamen and the vessel for both offshore and onshore operations.

Our ship technical management company is geared to take on every challenge with ready-to-mobilize high-quality repair and maintenance equipment.

Technical Management Services

Marine Solutionz is the best technical ship management company in India, and worldwide, due to the wide variety of technical services we offer.

Why Choose our Ship Technical Management Services?

1. Well established systems to streamline operations

As a leading ship technical management company, we have a variety of established systems like maritime procurement systems, safety management systems, documentation systems, etc.

We have tried and tested various methods and solutions to come up with these systems that guide the crew to operate a vessel effectively.

All these established systems and processes help improve the efficiency of operations and reduce overall costs for ship owners.

2. An expert team of technical managers

The vessel technical management services that we offer are handled by our team of experts who combine experience and excellence to offer technical solutions.

They have years of experience managing different types of vessels in different countries for a variety of industries.

They are equipped with the technical knowledge and skills that guarantee that they can solve any kind of technical issue whenever required.

3. Great international presence

Marine Solutionz is a leading top technical ship management companies that have offices in various locations around the world and in various parts of India as well.

We offer our technical ship management services in countries like the Philippines, Bangladesh, Egypt, Morocco, Ukraine, and Dubai.

Our team of technicians and engineers work hard to expand their deep knowledge of maritime law and apply them to provide solutions for businesses across the world.

The vessel technical management services experts at Marine Solutionz are well aware of the industry regulations of statutory bodies in each country.