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Everything You Need to Know About Ship Crew Change Management

Crew management ensures stable crews for the manning of vessels and cargos. It is an important element of shipping as it connects businesses with qualified crew members who can help you conduct ship operations efficiently.

This article explores the benefits of crew change management and how you can choose the right crew change management company to fulfil your crewing needs.

Why is Crew Management Important?

1. Conduct Sourcing and Recruitment Processes Smoothly

The main aim of crew management agents is to handle activities like sourcing, recruitment, selection, and deployment of crew men. They ensure that only skilled and qualified seafarers are selected for the job role.

They are responsible for ensuring that the candidate has enough experience that supports their education and qualification.

The company also conducts the required training and development programs and take care of ongoing management of seafarers who are onboard ships under crew management contracts.

2. Manage All the Crew Administrative Aspects

Apart from recruiting and deployment of crew men and seafarers, crew management agents also take care of the administrative activities.

They provide payroll services to ensure that crew men are paid rightly and on time. They manage all the paperwork through their banking and financial services and provide career guidance and handle communication duties.

Crew change agents also work on team building and take care of the well being of crew men through family and social programs.

They handle processes like travel, accommodation, medical clearances, etc to avoid delays and conduct operations in a seamless manner.

3. Increases the Efficiency of Operations

Crew planning which is an element of crew management is the use of software to schedule crew change and conduct long term planning.

This is done based on each ship’s manning records which provides information on the schedules of crew including their board days, vacation, and travel days.

Crew planning is made easy as the software checks for certificates, availability of crew men, leave, etc to come up with schedules for seafarers.

You can also check for schedules that overlap and find the best solutions for it to make planning more organised.

4. It Provides Important Information Onboard the Ship

Crew management systems align the operations on the ship and shore. You can provide information to crew men regarding their company documents, work contract, or pay slips and they can easily access them.

Crew change management system allows you to have an organised way of recording important information like contact details, crew lists, crew at home, crew on board, active officers, vessel contact information, etc.

5. Get Crew Reports Easily

Crew manager can record and access reports regarding crew men easily so that they can be accessed whenever required without any delay.

They include information like the crew lists, address and telephone, list of employees, birthday, medical details, retention rate report, course planning course and certificate, travel request report, etc.

How to Choose a Crew Management Company?

In order to manage crew in the most practical manner, you need the support of a crew management company that has required skills, experience, and ability to face any challenges.

Given below are a few things to consider when choosing a crew management company so that you make the right choice.

1. Reputation of the Company

Crew management is important in planning and executing marine operations. Therefore, you need to look for a reputable company if you want to outsource crew change management services from them.

A crew change agency with enough credibility will have long standing relationships with companies in different parts of the world.

They will have established a great global presence due to the quality of services that they offer and the relationships with their clients.

A good company will have experience in the type of projects that you are looking to work on. They will also have a successful track record of recruiting only the best talent.

Such a company will be quick and responsive in providing you a list of the most suited crew men who are ready to handle your vessel.

2. The Documentation System That They Follow

Handling documents, paperworks, and reports is one of the most important responsibilities of a crew management agency. They document all important information including the contact details of the crew men, the crew list, medical details, etc In an easily accessible manner.

They will have a team of responsible officers who are quick to revise any required information regarding the ship names or owners.

They also record and maintain the work contracts that bind the seafarers and their duties to the crew change agency.

3. The Recruitment and Training Procedures They Provide

A good crew management company will make use of the best methods including the latest softwares to conduct their recruitment and training processes.

They only recruit qualified and experienced crew men who have the required certifications that prove their expertise. They conduct multiple processes to verify the qualifications of the candidate before they are hired.

A trustable crew change agency also performs background verification processes. They filter out the best talent and stay clear of any candidates who have a history of being involved in fraudulent or illegal activities.

Such a company will also have training facilities and centres in different countries across the world, as well as in different parts of the country that they are based in.

4. Get Crew Management Services From Marine Solutionz

Marine Solutionz connect you with highly skilled seamen who are equipped with the know-how and experience to contact vessel operations in the most viable manner.

Our responsible crew management agents maintain excellent relationships with ship owners and keep updated records of the names of ships and their owners.

We are conversant with the marine laws of every country and have a strong international presence in countries like Philippines, Singapore, Morocco, Ukraine, Dubai, Egypt, and Bangladesh.

Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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